What is Medicare Advantage?

Also called Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage plans provide coverage through private insurance companies wha are approved Medicare. They insurance companies provide all the benefits of Part A and Part B, with the exception of hospice care (that remains covered by Medicare Part A). Sometimes these plans include additional benefits, such as vision, dental,and/or prescription drug coverage. When you join a Medicare Advantage plan, you must continue paying for your Part B premium.

What is Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Also known as Medigap, Medicare Supplement plans are offered by private insurance companies and can take care of certain health care costs not covered by Original Medicare. This could include costs like deductables, premiums, and copayments. There are 10 standard plans that Medicare Supplement companies offer. (To see a full comparison of the plans Click Here. Medicare Supplement plans do not provide prescription drug coverage, so you will have to enroll in a stand alone Medicare Drug Plan for medication coverage.

Why Medicare Supplement Insurance is the better choice?

If you choose to get a Medicare Supplement plan during open enrollment you will not be denied coverage for any pre-existing condition. There is also more flexibility with a Supplement plan. You don’t need prior authorization to see a specialist, but if you choose an Advantage plan you will need to get prior authorization. By far the best benefit to a Medicare supplement plan is that you are covered nationwide when you get sick, while with Advantage the plans are typically regionalized.

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