Our Story

Kota was created for Americans who are looking to secure their future well being. We strive to take your worries out of the equation so you can focus on what matters most, living your best life.

We are available to answer any questions you might have about taking this next step in your voyage and we vow to be with you every step of the way. We want you to have the very best care and without compromising your financial freedom. Kota is committed to aiding you in this crucial process and continuing to be a lifeline of support in your future.

We Exist for Our Customers

We care for, respect and listen to our customers. We use what we learn to provide the right solutions and superior customer experience. We are here for our customers, so every decision we make is with their best interest in mind.

We Act With Integrity

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and seek always to do the right things. We deliver on our promises and honor our commitments. We are clear in our communications and transparent about our intentions. We adhere to high ethical stanards, complying with regulatory requirements and company policies.

Together We Achieve Greatness

We will continue to build a culture that respects and values the unique strengths and cultural differences of our associates, customers and community. We are a diverse inclusive team, collaborating and supporting one another to pursue shared goals and achieve personal groth and development.

Lori S ,
Newark, NJ

“I felt like I had so many options once I aged into the Medicare market. Kota was able to help me make the best decision for my health plan. They were so pleasant and friendly.”

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Adriana M ,
Charlotte, NC

“I was really confused with all of the different options of Medicare Supplement Insurance. Kota was able to find the right plan for me that fit both my needs and my budget.”

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Adam G ,
Milwaukee, WI

“I was so happy with the customer service that I received from Kota. They were able to explain to me the differences between regular Medicare plans, Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans.”

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Tabitha P ,
Miami, FL

“Kota Insurance’s Team was awesome! The profesionalism and ability to be patient with me through all of the information that I requested was admirable.”

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We are always with you